Richard Wolfson Feature: Live at "Poetry at The Range Café, June 11, 2014


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Billy Brown calls Richard Wolfson a "shining light in the heaven of Albuquerque's poetry ...

Richard Wolfson offered up his poet/comic oeuvre for a recent feature at the Range Café. Richard’s self-deprecating humor always puts his audience at ease. He is physically challenged and to a degree represents that population in verse as well as with his humor. First up, he recounts his participation in the communities of the disabled versus the blind and their competition for representation in the apps world, telecommunications and social media. “The blind people don’t see the need of community; they don’t drive to see each other,” he jokes.

Then he encourages the audience to vote between his jokes and his poems during his performance. He is evaluating his legacy and claims not to be sure which way to lean.

So with his heightened sense of medical emergencies, Richard offered up this advice to women of a certain age who are out there dating. Here are a few of his suggestions:

    Always look for the medical alert bracelet. That is info every girl should get:

    If he’s got a diabetic ticker, under your pillow keep a stash of Snickers

    If his heart is old and weak, use a defibrillator paddle for a sexy treat

Richard wasn’t on stage long before he mentioned his partner Vicki Bolen, who offers art services and hand fashioned cards, books and boxes. An exquisite paper artist, Vicki creates the pages and Richard writes the words. He claims, “The way we collaborate is, Vicki says, ‘Hey, Richard, write me a poem.’”


The outcome is a unique book, box or card crafted with the precision of Japanese artists.


“The advantage of collaborating with Vicki is that made my work goes from twenty-five cents to twenty five dollars,” Richard quips.


On stage he parlays between his jokes (ad writing for Governor Susan Martinez) and his poetry, reminding the audience again vote for a genre. He is so clever in his wordsmanship and knowledge of the crafts.


That’s Why The Lady Writes Pantoums


I know this chick-poet with bad OCD,

She doesn’t do numbers like me and like you,

So, no 5-7-5, like in a haiku,


And that’s why the lady writes pantoums.


She can’t hold a long note, like Aquilera Christina

Which explains why she never attempts a sistena,

She doesn’t dress fancy, in ribbon or bonnet,

so no reason to pen a Shakespearean sonnet.


And that’s why, and that’s why, and that’s why

The lady writes pantoums.



Richard can also be serious, profound:


Home is where we get our light

Best chemical reactions

It is where our inspiration is rooted


The Shifting Of One’s Home


The salt-memory of sound reverberating beside the fold,

Kinship transponding to the cry of the now,

Delinquencies of the sun, neutral narrative,

Alabaster coronation of each new morning.


Each slice of time speaks of the betrayal of gravity,

As indeterminate as time zones in heaven,

Unable to squeeze one more number into infinity,

The roundness of time, as superfluous as sanity.


Darkness mitigates the epicenter of every miracle,

Light, a perfect condiment for all things that contain joy,

Original dust speaks with the tongue of Socrates,

And magic found only upon the wind.


The glow from every window reveals their secret,

The connection of home to shadows on the moon.

The poet/comic offers up inspirational ideas as well. He validates all of us for being poets and writers. “I’m smarter than most of the people in the world because I’m a poet,” he said.

He encourages us to” choose to live in joy.”

 He affirms us all: “No matter how lost we get, our imagination will get us home.”

And in all seriousness he mentions Vicki again regarding her efforts to feed the homeless. She regularly makes sandwiches and passes them out to the homeless and hungry.

“The taste of hunger has a long memory,” saysRichard.


Find out more about Vicki at her website:



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