Review: Once In A Lifetime

by Dick Thomas


The biggest challenge at Beatlick Press is getting reviews. Beatlick Joe was

the master and I pale in his shadow. Going through the earliest issues of 

Beatlick News I notice at my  most ignorant I was more than ready to review

people when I had no base of knowledge to judge with. So seemingly I can

do a  better job today. I encounter books of poetry all along  the way. The

newest one is “Once in a Lifetime” by F. Richard Thomas of Las Cruces.


Once In a Lifetime

poetry by F. Richard Thomas

ISBN: 978-0-9608802-0-1

published by Years Press

6x9 97pgs

cover design: Helen Stork


Beginning with the cover I felt the personality and humanity of Dick Thomas,

him standing by his young wife, a baby slung on his hip, her arms wrapped

around a second child, we see them young, burly and confident standing in

front of a log cabin they have built themselves. In the poem Brown County,

Indiana, Thomas makes his most poignant point considering how unfamiliar

these shining young people would be with the frailties and complications of

aging that the poet and his wife, Sherry, now face well into the second half

century of their lives and marriage. And we learn what these optimistic

youth  managed to hold on to all these years later as they shore up the

autumn of their existence. It is mature writing, a mature subject, told with

poignancy, humor and self-awareness - a good example of how we all can

face our own futures.


I Walked the Dog Today


but this time   

we took a new route

and met a new dog


It was a

            once in a lifetime



Told in six parts:


You’ve Become the Words


The poet dances around with his words - changing partners

How to, how do

how does, how ran

to ask all the eternal questions.


Dick Thomas calls himself a student of the alchemy of words and I see it so

clearly with  a Beatlick Joe enjoyment in the poem Logophilia: My calli-

pygian septuagenarian. And elsehere such enjoyable words as beef-witted,

gargonized, slubberdegullion.


The reader learns who the poet is as an indivicual in personal poems:

Chemistry, Naming the Trees in New Mexico, My Desk, in clever ways, with

a knack. You can’t accuse the writer of being hackneyed.


Bring to Mind the Body

Guitar, Place, Travel: Vignettes of the past, great travels: Charing Cross,

Paris, Copenhagen, Indiana. It’s a frontal blow of aging, health, loss

of friends, told from the other side of youth.


Flimsy Bone of Rod

I like the way Thomas turns a phrase: My slippers lisped over linoleum - so

much said with so little. After Fifty Years Together, 70th Spring, Fragile, the

sequence of these poems is almost like going through the seven stages of

grief, ending with a surrender to his own frailty, with acceptance and

gratitude for what is left as in First Light, Brown County, Indiana; tributes to

the comfort of marriage, tenderness after losing a friend as The Day Robert

Creeley Died. Evening Alone, facing an empty bed one night, lots of weigh-

ing and measuring of emotion told with such clarity and without a maudlin



Under All That Blue Sky

Thomas gives such a great sense of place with poems Credit Union,

Athletes at the Post  Office and phrases such as:

evening star sinks to

the hip of the roof


A broken attic window…

mirrors the moon


hidden rooms where the

abandoned bones of your life

are buried


Something Trembled

Nothing Happened Today:

Much tension is expressed in this segment:

…when I upended my empty beer glass

into the vacant mouth of the sink,


            trembled under

the overhead light…


Foreboding expressed with a ghost ship, cancer, chemo, head trauma.

Chimera: a conflicted poem regarding his 98-year-old mother and the tension between needing to forgive and hang-

ing on to resentments of the past. He honestly confesses to the personal struggles we all

share and wrangle with, trying to reach the higher ground.


It Is After All a Road

Here is an esoteric poem Road, about choices we make; What I Know and

Winter acknowledging loss of more friends, the twists of fate, and still

second guessing himself in Enough.


This is a great book to read in the bed, on the deck, someplace quiet, be-

cause these poems  will elicit your own memories and truths, struggles. It is

told as the author says in his own final poem: A Language that falls in a

lovely curve from the lip of creation.


Beatlick Pamela Hirst

May 2016







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