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"Peace & Love" as presented by Larry

at the "Resolana" peace outreach

series at the South Broadway Cultural Center

Sept. 30, 2016.


NRA poem

To Jeff

Larry Goodell at the "Resolana" anti-violence event:

Robert Creeley has said, "Larry Goodell talks a truth in terms that grab you by the ears and give you a good shake. There is generous wisdom in this genial poet, which is why the horny toads still love a hoe-down, if Larry plays the tune." Bobby Byrd says of Goodell's poems, "For something like 60 years now, Larry Goodell has been the Poet of our Conscience. It's an ancient occupation, and Larry does not shirk his responsibilities. Love poems. Garden poems. Sorrow poems. Political rants. Joyful life celebrations. Wherever his quirky imagination takes us, he is always reminding of our place on this precarious Spaceship Earth as it navigates around the sun and through the universe. Enjoy his poems, always be ready to laugh out loud, but, please, pay close attention. Take heed. This is important work."

Digital Remains contains poems from 2013, including some of the drawings from my notebooks. This is the second of three volumes of poetry coming out in the Fall of 2015. Broken Garden and The Unsaid Sings includes poems and drawings from 2011 and 2012. Pieces of Heart will have poems from 2014. Digital Remains has poems dealing with addiction, drought, political satire, love, compassion, hurt, and the nature of poetry. Gino Sky says that Goodell is "a true poet who has never once taken the academic way out. He is what we all strove for when we first started on our quests as revolutionary poets."

Pieces of Heart, poems by Larry Goodell from 2014, is the third of three books released by Beatlick Press in the Fall of 2015. Broken Garden & The Unsaid Sings was the first, followed by Digital Remains. Pieces of Heart also follows the poet's notebooks and includes drawings. "Long before the Poetry Slam there was Goodell leading the way back to the oral roots of poetry. As Lorca says, 'Theater is poetry that rises from the book and becomes human enough to talk and shout, weep and despair.' The first time I saw Goodell perform at the Bisbee Poetry Festival in 1990 the connection between Lorca's concept of duende and Goodell's shouting, whispering, gourd shaking poetry was clear and inspiring." Gary Glazner

broken garden & the unsaid sings the new master poet HAS arrived …


Praise to the Good-deli poems that was delivered from the Greatest Word & art Deli in America. I spent the night with it snuggled in my bed as if it were the gift of ancient wisdom and playful 5-star treats of the mind, heart, soul and do-flap-ah-riff-a-chew on that smorges-never-board bungling rapture. It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a book of poetry so much, and took your ride with so much heart-felt love and admiration. You are the poet of America … Whitman - Patchen - Goodell - Goodell Goodell Goodell … I now nominate you and confirm your appointment to be the Poet Laurel of Magical Laurel-Goodell-God-Dell-Goddamn goddman goddamn ain’t that bestowed on you, for you, to you the wreath of poetry of the language, the sound, heart, dreams, disappointments, failures, hopes, dreams, sounds, whispers, shouts and hollers, double-forte and piananissimo babalululah charisma peace peace peace and more peaces of where we have never been and not to go but where L.G. has taken us into his own country, territory, galaxy, of what we have so missed and continue to miss and what poetry in america and the world have missed over and over again. But here it is … broken garden & the unsaid sings … before us laid down, layed down, noh-lie, lain laid on us, he who has laid it down with songs and tunes and cobbled words of ancient words of wisdom … I heareby award you the Truth Poet of America with no runners-up or second place or no followers could ever be but Larry Goodell my beloved brother of song. Along with the art work that floats the book over the rainbow …

Feng shui the poetry namaste … our poet has been delivered.


Translation: The best book of American Poetry since Leaves of Grass and Howl


Gino Sky

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