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Beatlick Joe Speer

Our Founder

The book that started it all:


2013 New Mexico Arizona Book Awards Finalist!!! The "Backpack Trekker" travel journals are by one of America's endearing itinerant raconteurs and eccentric performance poets - Beatlick Joe Speer - lost in the 60's. Posthumously published, Beatlick Joe's thumbing on the road is given life with his endearing style, acute eye and wit, This is Jack Kerouac for the 21st Century dedicated to lovers of literature and cinema.  

Finalist in the 2013 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards in two categories. Read a review at the bottom of this page.


Our Big Winner: La Llorona

NM AZ Book Awards 2013

Anthology/First Place

La Llorona is an anthology dealing with the myth of La Llorona, the weeping woman, who haunts the riverbanks in Southwestern United States and Mexico. It is believed that she killed her own offspring and that she now wanders the waterways searching for them. Children are warned that she ccasionally abducts straying children. Some of New Mexico's finest Poets, fiction writers, artists and photographers have been included in this volume as well as from all over the U.S. and even internationally.



The Latest from Larry Goodell!

Holly WIlson introduces her new poetry book, "Assorted Snapshots". The book includes poems that she wrote in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s before moving to San Diego , CA. She calls these her pre-renaissance poems because she did not write a lot of poetry in San Diego, but started getting involved in poetry when she returned to New Mexico in 2012. The book cover and photos are by Deborah Coy


WALLS is volume four of "Poets Speak (while we still can)," a series of anthologies in response to the national and planetary crisis provoked by the election of 11/8/16. The other volumes are titled TRUMPED, HERS, and WATER. Forthcoming will be SURVIVAL.


"Part memoir, part paean to family, ancestry, and place, Nyquist takes us from home to home, from Sweden to Minnesota to New Mexico, and through time, from before her birth to her parents' death. She asks, how do we ever know the full story of those we love? How are we shaped by geography and family history? With tenderness and grace, she bears witness to her parents' growing frailty, their passing and the emotional aftermath.

Homesick, then

Water is volume three of "Poets Speak (while we still can)," a series of anthologies in response to the national and planetary crisis provoked by the election of 11/8/16. The other 2017 volumes are titled Trumped, Hers, Walls, and Survival.

Trumped is volume one of "Poets Speak (while we still can)," a series of small anthologies in response to the national and planetary crisis provoked by the election of 11/8/16. Forthcoming 2017 volumes are to be titled Hers, Water, Survival, and Walls. All profits from the series will be donated to organizations defending our constitutional rights.

Finalist for New Mexico/Arizona

Book Awards 2017


Hers is volume two of Poets Speak (while we still can), a series of mini-anthologies in rapid response to the national and planetary crisis provoked by the election of 11/8/16. This series is the original idea of John Roche, series editor. Other 2017 volumes in the series are Trumped, Water, Survival, and Walls.

Finalist for New Mexico/Arizona 

Book Awards 2017

 GL Brower documents his experiences working with Hispanic migrant field workers in Oregon during the 1980s with poems, historical overviews and facts. Poignant, tragic and just as relevant today as it was over thirty years ago.

Please order GL Brower's book with this link:

Also check out GL Brower's interview on YouTube with publisher Pamela Adams Hirst:


Twenty-five articulate women share opinions about their own state of affairs, the political climate, and their legacies as women, mothers, sisters, lovers, daughters and writers. One large step for Womankind or kind Women. The timing with the women's marches and world-wide feminist human rights protests couldn't have been planned better in terms of time and place in the history of the world. And to think the wheels of this book were moving before the public outcry really gained momentum!

Finalist for New Mexico/Arizona 

Book Awards 2017

Pieces of Heart, poems by Larry Goodell from 2014, is the third of three books released by Beatlick Press in the Fall of 2015. Broken Garden & The Unsaid Sings was the first, followed by Digital Remains. Pieces of Heart also follows the poet's notebooks and includes drawings. "Long before the Poetry Slam there was Goodell leading the way back to the oral roots of poetry. As Lorca says, 'Theater is poetry that rises from the book and becomes human enough to talk and shout, weep and despair.' The first time I saw Goodell perform at the Bisbee Poetry Festival in 1990 the connection between Lorca's concept of duende and Goodell's shouting, whispering, gourd shaking poetry was clear and inspiring." Gary Glazner

Digital Remains contains poems from 2013, including some of the drawings from my notebooks. This is the second of three volumes of poetry coming out in the Fall of 2015. Broken Garden and The Unsaid Sings includes poems and drawings from 2011 and 2012. Pieces of Heart will have poems from 2014. Digital Remains has poems dealing with addiction, drought, political satire, love, compassion, hurt, and the nature of poetry. Gino Sky says that Goodell is "a true poet who has never once taken the academic way out. He is what we all strove for when we first started on our quests as revolutionary poets."

Robert Creeley has said, "Larry Goodell talks a truth in terms that grab you by the ears and give you a good shake. There is generous wisdom in this genial poet, which is why the horny toads still love a hoe-down, if Larry plays the tune." Bobby Byrd says of Goodell's poems, "For something like 60 years now, Larry Goodell has been the Poet of our Conscience. It's an ancient occupation, and Larry does not shirk his responsibilities. Love poems. Garden poems. Sorrow poems. Political rants. Joyful life celebrations. Wherever his quirky imagination takes us, he is always reminding of our place on this precarious Spaceship Earth as it navigates around the sun and through the universe. Enjoy his poems, always be ready to laugh out loud, but, please, pay close attention. Take heed. This is important work."


Surgery at a Shriner's Hospital in his youth destined Jerry Zimmerman's involvement with the greatest philanthropic organization in the world. This memoir chronicles generations of his family and their triumphs, tragedies and curses as the endured the greatest drought in Kansas and the loss of the family farm to the U.S. Corps of Engineers and the end of their way of life. Labeled a cripple, Jerry relates how he made a success out of failure and negative stigmas with dramatic and tender stories of his youth.



Have you ever imagined going to another planet, or becoming a superhero, or rescuing a princess or trading places with the most popular kid in your class? Would you like to see the class thief, liar, and bully get their just deserts? Mrs. Sippenapple and her satchel's magic change everything at Bartle T. Paperdink School where all these things happen.Have you ever imagined going to another planet, or becoming a superhero, or rescuing a princess or trading places with the most popular kid in your class? Would you like to see the class thief, liar, and bully get their just deserts? Mrs. Sippenapple and her satchel's magic change everything at Bartle T. Paperdink School where all these things happen.
Have you ever imagined going to another planet, or becoming a superhero, or rescuing a princess or trading places with the most popular kid in your class? Would you like to see the class thief, liar, and bully get their just deserts? Mrs. Sippenapple and her satchel's magic change everything at Bartle T. Paperdink School where all these things happen.



Over a hundred poets contribute their imaginative interpretations to the growing legend of Joe the Poet, an elusive wandering bard first discovered in 2008 by editor John Roche, who won't let on where he first spied Joe, but he does have Joe's hat. Joe is a time-traveler, and also sometimes appears as Josephine or other incarnations. Some say Joe is the creator of all poems, and we're merely channeling Joe. The editor reserves judgment on this point of disputation.  

check out a review for this book at the bottom of the page.

Deborah Woodside Coy is a mother and grandmother and has been a janitor and a school librarian. This makes her an expert on places that people find to put bubblegum. She has published a book of poetry, "Beyond the End of the Road," and edited an anthology about La Llorona. 

Finalist for the 2014 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards.




Loss of loved ones, war, grief. Transformation. Healing. Life at the edge of the ridge, a new view behind the volcanoes. Memorable and haunting. With compassion and an unblinking eye, Jules Nyquist ’s poems in her new collection Behind the Volcanoes, explores love and loss, life and death with poignant...

Finalst for the New/Mexico/Arizona
Book Awards



In this novel writer Astrid, the single parent of bi-cultural children, moves to San Francisco. She struggles gamely with challenges—job life, early cancer, a sensitive wounded son, abuse, a rebellious teenage daughter, a younger lover. Astrid is a woman who loves hard and works hard.



Carol Moscrip, a Stanford graduate with an MA from the University of California at Santa Barbara, has been active in the Southwestern poetry for over 30 years. Author of four chapbooks, her new book "Straw" reflects her journeys through foreign countries as well as internal journeys of the spirit. 


Poems on food, drink and sex (with photographs & recipes) Photos and poems about Minnesota and New Mexico primarily, along with other regional areas. Reading list included for "Food as Metaphor" writing classes taught by the author.

Finalist for New Mexico Book Awards 2012



This is a joint venture I took with David Tammer. His poems occupy half the book and mine occupy the other half. My poems range in topics and vary in style, including some occasional magical realism. His poems are unique and thoughtfully crafted. Some are surreal. The book is unique and well crafted.

THE ULTIMATE HANDBOOK TO PARTYING! Be a Party Guru!!! Throw the best soiree of your life with 100s of ideas, dozens of lists, spreadsheets and charts! The beauty is in the details as you will see when you read, "Events by Design". This book is all about parties, from inception to completion, you can create a delicious visually stunning party that will wow and amaze your guests. All you have to do to create the perfect event is to follow some basic rules for party planning.  Finalist in the 2014 New Mexico/Arizona Book awards.



Influenced by the shaman of the Great Southwest, Paul Allen Speer interprets the mysteries of the unconscious mind in concise poetry. He is a reflection of Kahlil Gibran for the 21st Century as he relates philosophy and knowledge to modern man in poems. His words rollick through the multi-dimensional states of being.



Deborah Woodside Coy is an Albuquerque, NM poet who was raised in Nebraska. "These poems in their twists and turns of dramatic surprises are more than clever; they express crystaline insights into human experience." Carol Moscrip



G. L. Brower holds a B.A. degree from Drury University in Spanish & History, M.A. & Ph.D. degrees in Romance Languages & Literatures (minor: Latin American history, 19th Century French literature) from the University of Missouri at Columbia, Mo. He has taught in the Spanish Departments at Baker University (Ks.), Rogue River Community College (Or.), University of Kansas, University of New Mexico, University of Southern California, University of California at Los Angeles, University of California at San Diego (visiting), as well as directing American academic programs in Barcelona & Madrid, Spain (during the Franco years), and Guadalajara, Mexico. A specialist in Hispanic Literature, especially of Latin America, he has published numerous essays in Spanish and English on writers such as Angel Gonzalez, Octavio Paz, Jorge Luis Borges, Carlos Fuentes, Juan Rulfo, Juan Carlos Onetti, Manuel Bandeira, Ezequiel Martinez Estrada & others, in various academic journals. He has also written two books on the impact of Japanese haiku on western poetry: The Japanese Haiku in Spanish American Poetry (Ann Arbor, University Micro) & An Annotated Bibliography of Haiku In Western Languages (with D.W. Foster), (Metuchen, NJ, Scarecrow Press). An Associate Editor of American Haiku magazine in its heydey, he also translated poems of Angel Gonzalez & Pablo Neruda. His own poetry is written in English.


Brower has worked as a journalist in the English-language press of Los Angeles as News Editor & Managing Editor of a daily newspaper dedicated to international trade and transportation, the Los Angeles Daily Commercial News, covering many politicians from all over the world (prime ministers, presidents, governors, senators, etc.). In addition: he worked with the southern Oregon Mexican migrant farm worker community, founding, producing & directing a monthly Spanish-language PBS-TV program, “Quinto Sol”, (KSYS-TV, Medford, Or.), an ESL Outreach Program (Rogue River Community College/Ashland Adult Learning Center) to migrant camps, the Jackson County (Oregon) Hispanic Library Access Program & editing a weekly Spanish-language newspaper, which he founded, El Noticiero, also for the migrant community. He has worked with the Oregon Committee for the Humanities (Hispanic film program) & received grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, Carpenter Foundation, Del Amo Foundation, Witter Bynner Poetry Foundation & various universities.


His poetry (& translations from Hispanic poetry) have been published in Puerto del Sol, The Poetry Bag, Put Poems, Tansy, Sagitario, Thunderbird, Cottonwood Review, New America, Ann Arbor Review, New Mexico Magazine, Mundus Artium, 10.5 Arts Magazine, The Signpost, Ke5tra, Beatlick Poetry & Art News, The Rag, Sin Fronteras, The Peace of the Night (chapbook anthology), New Mexico Poetry Review, Adobe Walls, The City Fix. Org,, In Darkness, Memory (chapbook anthology),, Sage Trail, Canary,,, The Promise of Winter (chapbook anthology), Winter & the Mountain (chapbook anthology), The Moon, the River & The Dark (chapbook anthology), Fire, Ashes, Snow (chapbook anthology), Fixed & Free Poetry Anthologies of 2013 & 2015, Todd Moore Remembered (tribute anthology), La Llorona Anthology (Beatlick Press), Elegant Rage (A Poetic Tribute to Woody Guthrie), Mas Tequila Review, Malpais Review, Mo' Joe: The Anthology, Vol. 2 (Albuquerque, Beatlick Press, 2014), Modern Haiku (essay) & Central Avenue among other publications. He is one of the directors of the Duende Poetry Series of Placitas, which sponsors four readings annually at the Anasazi Fields Winery in Placitas (now in its 12th year). A chapbook, Planting Trees in Terra Incognita was issued in 2006. Another chapbook was published in 2007, The Book of Knots, and a broadside (with photographer David Cramer) “For the Wild Horses of Placitas,” a photo-poem, (also 2007) & a CD-Gary Brower Reads (Vox Audio, 2008). A performance poet, he has read widely with flamenco guitarist El Nino David & dancer Susannah Garrett at such venues as the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque, Church of Beethoven/Sunday Chatter (poetry & classical music), Poetry at Paul’s in Chupadero/Tesuque, NM; the Sunflower Festival in Mountainair, NM; Vivac Winery in Embudo, NM; Duende Poetry Series of Placitas, NM; the Penasco Theater in Penasco, NM (with M.C. Ford & Amalio Madueno); the Mabel Dodge Lujan Center in Taos (SOMOS fundraiser), & he has likewise read at various venues with flautist Johnny Alston; and as a featured reader at the Beyond Baroque Poetry Center in Los Angeles, the Poetry West Center in Colorado Springs, the Woody Guthrie Festival in Okemah (Oklahoma), the Portland (Oregon) Rose Festival & Poetry Readings, Tumblewords Workshops & readings in El Paso, Tx., at various universities & on radio & TV, etc. He has also participated on CDs “A Tribute to Federico Garcia Lorca” (Vox Audio, 2007), & “Duende & Friends read in Placitas” (Vox Audio, 2006). A chapbook was also issued in 2009: For the Wild Horses of Placitas & Other Equine Poems (Malpais Editions). And another was published in 2011: Leaving Cairo, as if it were a Dream (includes his poetry, photos by James M. Gay, Jr. and musical background to Brower's reading of his poems by John Bullock, Composer in Residence at the Placitas Artists Series). The book is based on a trip to Egypt in 2009. Brower also read at two poetry events for the LGBT community in Albuquerque & Santa Fe in 2015, as well as at the annual Placitas Winter Solstice Reading, his poem for that event published in the chapbook issued by the LPPC Earthcare Fellowship: La llegada del Nino/The Arrival of El Nino, pp. 5-6. And he was also interviewed for the Placitas radio station (KPUR-FM/99.9FM).


Brower also instigated & participated in a bilingual stage production (along with poet E.A. Mares), Para que yo me llame Angel Gonzalez/So that I might be called Angel Gonzalez (a tribute to Spanish poet Angel Gonzalez), with the Teatro Paraguas Theater Group, at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque & at the Teatro Paraguas Studio Theater in Santa Fe, in September, 2009, to packed houses. (Directed by Crawford MacCollum). He has also been a panelist-participant in two Albuquerque Cultural Conferences sponsored by West End Press. In 2013, he published: In Paradise we will become music (a poetry CD which focuses on Spain & the Spanish Civil War, with flamenco guitarists Nino David & Luis Campos). In 2014, he issued another CD The Wanekia & Other Poems, on Native American themes, with flautist Johnny Alston. Brower was a member of the faculty for the 2012 National Latino Writer's Conference, held at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque (May 16-19, 2012). He is the editor of the Malpais Review, a poetry quarterly (now in its fifth year), which is gaining national and international, as well as in-state, attention (See, website). He speaks Spanish with native fluency & is also fluent in French, Portuguese and basic German. Born in Kansas City, Mo., he lives in Placitas, NM. 









VOL.2. Edited by John Roche, 2014, paper, 221 pages, $16.00. Published by Beatlick Press. Reviewed by Neil Wilgus.


Forget Little Willie (if you can) -- here’s a new kiddo to play with, a folk hero somewhat in the footsteps of Paul Bunyan, John Henry, or Pecos Bill. It’s Joe the Poet!

John Roche, who should know, writes that the original Joe poem appeared in ROOTDRINKER No. 17 in 2009. After that, Joe showed up in a variety of small press zines and resulted in the 38 poems collected in the original publication: THE JOE POEMS. The rules of Joe’s universe are loose, as is appropriate for a mythological figure -- Joe can be any man, woman, child, or whatever with no attempt at conisistency. In theory Joe poems are no more than ten lines, no more than 100 words, as suggested by Rootdrinker Editor Alan Casline and spelled out in the original Joe the Poet from Foothills Publishing.

But somehow Joe broke loose and spread uncontrollably, adopted and adapted to a seemingly endless series -- Joe (or Jo, Josephine, Jo-y, etc.) doing his/her thing down through history and all over the map. The result is MO’JOE: THE ANTHOLOGY, starring Joe in 202 poems by 121 poets (with design by Roche and Jules Nyquist and several fine photos). Not all these free spirits conform to the ten line rule and who cares how many words get splashed around? Joe must have his way.

Probably the best-known contributors in MO’JOE are Lyn Lifshin, Margaret Randall and beat bard s.d. winans, but there are plenty of fine poets here, many from New Mexico, including Pamela Hirst , who founded Beatlick Press I memory of Beatlick Joe Speer. Quite a few these poets live and teach in Rochester, New York, while others are scattered far and wide. Most are authors of books of poetry, many from Foothills Publishing, including Foothills founder Michael Czarnecki. And it’s good to see several poems from Les Merton, whose journal POETRY CORNWALL recently folded, alas.

The longest poem in MO’JOE is a prose poem by Leah Zazulyer which runs two full pages, a rambling memoir paying homage to Flemish painter Pieter Bruegel, my favorite artist.  Also of note is the Joe poem “Restoration” by Herb Kauderer, which was nominated for the DWARF STARS Awards 2015. And you’ll find Joe in all kinds of crazy and fantastic places, more than you can imagine, I imagine.

So forget the Super Heroes (if you will) -- here comes the mythic Joe the Poet. I think you’ll be seeing more of him. He gets around. 



Backpack Trekker: A 60's Flashback

By: Beatlick Joe Speer

ISBN: 9781456548773

244 pgs

Published by Beatlick Press, Albuquerque, NM


When I look around at the 21st century I often feel that it has become a remix of times gone by that gave us the sounds and words we sample. There is a lack of adventure into the unknown and often the historical merits as well. When Pamela Hirst, Joe's Soulmate sent me a copy of his book Backpack Trekker: A 60's Flashback I was thankful to read something very original. I miss seeing Joe and Pamela on the very first poetry shows I ever witnessed. To have heard the treks fresh off the press as they were forming his book was like a great storyteller before you. Each one took you to a historical place and time and to what Joe was doing at the moment. There was also some fictional satire that amused the listener.

It gave me the feeling of when I first read Kerouac's On the Road. I often wanted to put my thumb out on the highway and see where the road took me. Joe left this world too soon, leaving us that knew him with an emptiness that cannot be defined. However, he held a complete edition of his book before journeying towards an infinite cosmic highway. For a couple of months I have been reading the treks which are set up like short chapters. From memory I can hear his soulful voice with creative wisdom.  Joe takes us back to a simpler time when hitchhiking was a safe mode of travel and you could thumb a ride. There he experienced the deep spiritual connection and oneness found in that era. The places this book takes the reader confounds both the imagination and historical perspective. Like a great roller coaster ride, it moves through an era that gave us music, film, television, books and the knowledge that our greatest vehicle is ourselves.  

Trek 1 begins with a bio line much like a news report. "In the cold winter of 1961 Bob Dylan arrived in New York City." It follows with Joe lamenting how the decade started badly for him as Albert Camus had died in an automobile accident.  He continues with an idea that would be great if the automakers dared to print it when you buy a car. "Caution driving this machine may cause death." There follows vignettes of William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg while high and living in Tangier, Morocco, and the writing of Neal Cassidy,

 "The Revolution has begun!" What really grabbed my attention about this first trek is Joe introducing the political perspective of John F. Kennedy, Camelot, and the young president’s love for poetry, recalling Robert Frost at the inauguration. Joe got more into literature and film rather than sports. "I was content to watch and read about life. Movies and books provided the natural medium. I did not have to act, react, or respond to human stimuli. I did not have to judge or be judged."

Beatlick Joe feels the turmoil of America in the summer of 1969, desiring to join in the mix. His mother encourages him to follow his own path, promising him love and support. Joe set out on the open road with light provisions and a hunger to know what the world offered beyond his hometown. 

            The journeys that Joe's book gives us introduces not only faces who defined an era but ideas, places and events that I would love to have seen firsthand. It is a historical movement of all media with colorful characters met along the way. Anyone who has ever dreamed of seeing the world in an original perspective can get lost in these adventures. Many of us will never ascertain the ideas Joe realized since we only travel via the internet or what our modern skewed media decides is truth. This book is for the brave at heart seeking a wide open road of knowledge with wit and creativity at its helm. Each trek leads to a greater destination. Within the stories there is life lessons learned along the way. This journey created a writer whose poetry and prose should sit beside the Beat's and our greatest classical writers who define who we are and what is to come down that winding road of spiritual and literal pursuits. I suggest a good cup of coffee and jazz to accompany this work of art in words. I see this book as a primer for independent thinkers when there is no free thought. 

            In Trek 3 there is mention of a book club Joe and his friends had formed. There they discussed literature and ideas. It was when he was in a high school English prep class. The Fort Slash Book Club is discovered by parents and they are much more skeptical of the high-minded intentions perpetrated there and decided the dugout has to be covered over with dirt. This reminds me very much of the Dead Poets Society. To deal with his depression Joe wrote a poem. This poem made me feel how his words eloquently moved the audiences his treks reached. So I end this review with Beatlick Joe Speer at a microphone as I remember him so full of life.


When all the world's languages commingle

and create one expanded verbal medium

tariffs will become parasites extinguishable

with chemical solutions

inspiration will be purchasable metaphor

like tunnels underground

my ploy to inspire the infinite abstraction

is to fill your ears with the warm liquid of poetry.


Brian Burchette

Fort Oglethorpe, GA





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